Andy Adams

December 15, 2015

“I contacted Roland for help with an eczema type condition, which I had endured for 18 months and couldn’t shift. It had flared up on my legs, back, chest and neck. The heat, itching, inflamed skin and general discomfort affected my daily life and well being.

The initial diagnosis, treatment and advice on diet, resulted in a positive change in my symptoms. The inflamed skin cooled, the itching lessened and I felt a sense of renewed balance.

Subsequent treatments consolidated further healing with rapid cooling of the skin, and an improvement in its texture and elasticity.

I am very happy with the swift and comprehensive improvement in my health and feeling of renewed vigour.

Roland is a calm, approachable practitioner. His expertise and confident approach during treatment is reassuring and creates a relaxing, healing environment. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to connect with a capable and effective acupuncturist.

I wish him every good fortune and many thanks.”