What to expect

Typical Sessions.

During your first treatment you will have the opportunity to talk about your needs. This session lasts up to 90 minutes & includes a detailed medical history, physical examination & your first acupuncture treatment.

The details of your consultation; treatments and data will remain strictly confidential.

All follow up appointments will last approximately 45-55 minutes. During the early stages of treatment it is suggested to have weekly treatments for a short period of time. As treatment progresses, the sessions are spaced out more.

Acupuncture Needles.

The needles used are very fine, solid & made of high quality stainless steel. They are individually packaged & sterilized. Insertion of the needles is painless, & once inserted patients may feel a dull ache or tingling sensation.

How to prepare for treatment.

It is best to have eaten a small amount of food prior to your treatment. Please wear looser fitting garments, this is to maximize comfort levels, & to aid in needling. ( A gown is available if needed). After the treatment, please avoid strenuous exercise & alcohol. Try to relax as much as possible that day. Please bring the details of any medications that you are taking.